Archive: 200's
Updates: Mondays
Nickname: VGC/VGCats
Creator: Scott Ramoosair
Art: Some eastern touch, but looks like a toon. Impressive, the settings are separately produced, and well so.

"Video Game Cats" (no one calls it that) has some free leash for wackier comics. Overall, it follows Leo and Aeris, a pair of cats, as they game (or not). Often posing as VG characters, or not using the cats at all, VGC is a great gaming comic, with specific game cameo. Good chunk of non-gaming gag comics, and even a half-gamer will enjoy it, as long as they recognize a game character. Current commentary AND archival humor. Monday updates are fairly dutiful, a Tuesday here and there.

Archive: 200's
Updates: Mondays
Nickname: AG
Creator: Artist Mohammad F. Haque ("Hawk") and writer Ananth Panagariya
Art: Started basic toon, but Hawk knows his stuff and has swung around, covering Eastern, Western, and everything in between.

What was originally hanging-out-college basics grew into much more. A group of friends in the typical roomie scene begin a strange saga when one builds "Eve" from robot parts, a 'living' macgirl. It's MT's Ping, but more developed. I'd say the plot starts at ep. #142 with Eve's creation - before that it isn't so ongoing and the humor can jump about. Of course, the random gags never did stop, and AG Lite is just that - a condensed AG for more updates and laughs, without the epic script.

Archive: Around the 1000 mark now
Updates: Mon-Wed-Fri. Little update-news box with a progress bar is interesting.
Nickname: MT
Creator: Artist Fred Gallagher, now-gone (since around #260) writer Rodney Caston
Art: Eastern, and I love it. The backgrounds feel real, and a world is created. B&W.

A little different. It follows Piro and Largo who get stuck in Tokyo. Somewhat a gaming comic, but not like with commentary on recent stuff. Less so over time. There's 1337, but it shouldn't be instrusive enough to scare any non-1337 away. Not that it lacks humor, but it's mostly plot. After lurking the forums a bit, I suggest you tread lightly there. The authors divided, never mind why, and after that it changed direction somewhat, better or worse. I still follow it daily anyway. The ongoing plot feels like it'll never end. Updates vary somewhat, but you usually get your three per week, even if it's a DPD/SGD (fillers, basically, but it's content)

Updated Grim Tales Ever After Snafu Comics Sticky Floors The Incompetent Ninja Titan Sphere Training Wheels Hiatus PowerPuff Girl Doujinshi Invader Zim Finished King of Fighters Doujinshi
Archive: Most in the 50 range, Snafu/PPG is 100-200ish. Site composite? ~500
Updates: Depends. A handful of comics per week.
Nickname: Some do. PPGDouj, TIN, TW, SF...
Creators: More than you can shake a stick at.
Art: Bleedman (Grim/PPG) has talent, I like SF's look, Dave (Snafu/TIN) has grown over time...

Originally Snafu's webpage, but now the site hosts half a dozen webcomics and keeps expanding. Snafu is a traditional pair of dudes, TIN is "The Incompetent Ninja", 'nuff said, the PPGDoujinshi is like PPG breaking the third wall, Grim is a heavy "Billy & Mandy" twist, Sticky Floors is still developing but so far a 'hanging out' flavor. Mixed between gags and ongoers. Just go already, I can't do them all justice, it's cramped enough in these.

Archive: ~20 for current era, maybe 100-200 overall.
Not really...
Writer Scott Smith, current artist Scott Hepting
Art: Not too much. Sticks, but untraditional. Stuff all over, thanks to pshop.

Before the current "Slackerz" it was "River Road". Before RR it was "Oh Snap". Before that, it was "Slackerz" under a different artist. Smith's been through those. Hepting should be reliable, he does Goobs so they were homies already. Funny overall, 'social commentary' that will trash whatever it wants. Little bit of gaming. RR had plot, but died pretty quick. Slackerz isn't really sticks, maybe. I dunno. Smith's been writing for awhile now, reminds me of Seanbaby somehow. Sometimes it just gets you good. Like PA, it's nice to have someone trashing what needs to be trashed.

Archive: Says 3000+
Updates: Daily?!
Scott Kurtz
Art: B&W, newspaper taste, think Garfield or Foxtrot. 4-panel.

Follows an office crew, who happens to be a gaming magazine for critique. Don't worry, gaming jokes are light. The humor is uncomplicated, and carefully tailored. Just the other day a cultural reference (I'M IN YOUR TREE. STEALING YOUR PRESENTS.) had a subtle insertion. Animated PvP was recently announced and is likely avaliable. The full name is "Player versus Player" and no one calls it that. Daily updates are actually kept up with, (virtually) always there.

Archive: My guess, 700
Mon-Wed-Fri, and more
Writer Jerry Holkins ("Tycho Brahe" in comic), and artist Mike Krahulik ("Jonathan 'Gabe' Gabriel")
Art: Just a cartoon. Color. Looks great, nothing missing. Often 3-panel. Some PShop tricks up the sleeve.

Popular. One of the big names. Little more PG-13 than the rest. Good laughs, and heavy with gaming commentary, particularly current. Follows Tycho and Gabe on random adventures. Good art, Jim has the exact same hair as Gabriel, which I give my word is coincidence, Jim and Bob in stick form needed something to tell them apart, and that was hair, okay? Now, I'd have to say it's extended beyond gaming and basically goes over anything that needs a comic done on it. Makes political comics look bad. Good on updates, what with status.

Archive: 800's
Tue-Thr-Sat, says the FAQ
Brian Clevinger
Art: Sprite comic, but as a medium, not shortcut. Lots of photoshop fun. Approach on backgrounds is unique.

Follows the adventures of characters from the original Final Fantasy. An ongoing plot being the story, besides occasional guests. The story progresses somewhat slow, since it's a comic and it goes for humor along plot. It's actually not a gaming comic, but more like a fantasy tale packed with hijinks. Fighter and BM started as a Jim-Bob template, maybe not so much after they developed over time. Updates may not be regular, I haven't watched, but you get about the right amount...

Archive: 750~
Currently irregular, maybe a couple a week.
Maybe SV?
James 'Vis' Adams
Art: Little heads. Smiley faces. Like MSPaint, almost. But it works well.

Follows the group on random bits. Some small arcs. Mostly gag. It made me laugh some. Talking heads to the next level. It's humor, it's a webcomic, and while it may not be PA, it's got it all. Good for what it has, go read that archive already.

Archive: 800
Monday thru Friday
Jeph Jacques
Art: Color. Cartoon'd a little differently. Big kudos for playing with angles, personally.

Follows Marten. A guy. Who meets girls. Hangs out. Guy talk. Girl talk. That kind of thing. Indie music comic? Why am I still reading this? Whatever, there's some good stuff here. And you can't go wrong with Pintsize.

Archive: 382
Dead (?)
Just Mac Hall I believe
Artist Ian McConville, writer Matt Boyd
Art: Excellent, much like AppleGeeks (above) actually, with less swerving.

As is common (and like AG) the roots are college, gaming, guys, hanging out, and the like. The fact is, Mac Hall didn't stray much. But they do it right. Gags, but not the usual stuff (ie Death, Jesus, Satan as a character) done by every other webcomic - fresh comedy rather than gimmicks. No wonder they graduated from keenspace. The old cast link might be handy, btw. It seems to have died in October 06, about the same time I got there (>_<) but someone disovered an easter egg link in the newspost and future MacHall work is possible. Cross those fingers!

Archive: Guess? 130
Undead. Random. A few per month, now.
Just Staccato. Stac maybe.
Shawn Handyside
Art: 4-panel, color, cartoon'd fine. Nothing fancy, nothing missing. Good ol' toonist.

Staccato's adventures. Chewy nougat chunks of gaming, but not painful. Roommates, get-a-job, hanging out. Never did find out the direction; the plot was perhaps meant to be ongoing but died long ago. Like myself, he fights comic death and has neither won or lost. Still respawning, still hope.

Archive: I'd guess 300
Currently dead, respawn expected.
Brian Carroll
Art: Toon, but personal (artistic?) touch. Not bad.

The first hundred was IC:Prologue, a completed story. Then there was IC: Genrezvous Point, which died and respawned midway, dead now too. And there's been settings for other stories (Brothers Donothan, anyone?) as well. The prologue was about movie making, Genrezvous was about movie genres, IC:Pirates was brief but about movie pirating. I need a better link image, I yoinked this from l33tpixelz over there. Genrezvous seems to be the current runner, a few per week at peak times, but currently dead.

Archive: 145, about.
Dead since around April '05
None, I'd think.
Shut Up 'Q-Tip' Stupid (the Third)
Art: Pixels! But it works. Like a sprite comic, but with some effort.

Guy is gamer, gets hit in the head, thinks he's an RPG hero. Ongoing plot. Funny, personally. But dead. I need an image.

Archive: Bottomless
None, I'd think
Bill Amend
Art: Toon, newspaper. Imagine Garfield.

The only non-webcomic I mention. It's a gag comic, plenty of small arcs. Good chance you've read this, or seen one taped up in physics class maybe. It recently died, partially that is, into a weekly form.



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