The making of the, comic


About Jim-Bob


Jim-Bob Comics was a name I invented for the comics I doodled in my Geometry class. Originally they had no main characters and were a 'gag' style. In fact, the phrase "Jim-Bob" referred to an inside joke. It meant the 'random' part of you. The part that yelled phrases like "We must fleece the masses!" in public places like an elevator. It also recognized things you didn't normally, like "Who closes the door after the bus driver leaves?"


In time, the comics kept coming. I had quite the mass and they were above and beyond any other cartoons I saw done by other students. I actually started inking after penciling, and using a ruler (mainly for panels). I eventually started to make them digital, to immortalize them and save them from the crappy treatment of my backpack. They went on my angelfire homepage. They're still there, if you'd like a look.


I'm a webcomic reader and started at 8-bit theater like many do. I'd heard of but thought WAY too many people loved it. I started it early 2004 tho. Not bad. Anyway, someone at the slackerz webcomic had done one for 8-bit. I checked their archives out and they were good. Big expressions on little stick figure faces. They had a list of links, which started me on another 2 or 3 comics, which also had links to other comics... You can see how I spread. I checked a slackerz link to a comic called Staccato, which is mainly a dead comic now. They linked me to PVP online, which is one of those successful comics, that lucky foo'. Anyway, they mention Keenspace in there, and that's how I learned I had a chance at making true webcomics. I signed up, and here I am today.



About the triangle



The one triangle that's in all the comics somewhere is a symbol I created for myself. Companies have logos and today they're all PC generated. Geometric ones are rare, and are all taken. You know the triforce from Zelda games? That's the logo for dozens of companies. Well I wanted one. Something simple, easy to draw. Easily recognized. Something I could leave behind. I experimented with squares, circles, triangles, and such for quite a while. I don't recall the details, but in time I came upon the triangle.


It has no name. No other meaning other than myself. At one point, the group I hung out with borrowed it to go with our skate team name, Team Duct Tape, but that's it. Let me know if you can think of a cool name, tho... I recently noticed the number five around it a lot. Just imagine that the length of the outer sides is 5, and the inner sides is 4, you'll see the rest, I guess



About me


Are you sure you want my whole life story? You might not know what you're getting into... I might add stuff later, but it's probably more boring than the rest of this page. Complain at my e-mail if you really want this section, tho.